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Mark Angelo Askew is an author, minister, motivational speaker, event planner, entertainer, illustrator, and web app developer. Mark is also the founder of Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show, currently on tour throughout the east coast.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Family Reunion App - It's In There

After 15 years of development, Brenda and I are so proud of what Fimark's family reunion planning web app has evolved into. Over 10,000 families in America have used it! The family reunion planner, keepsake, history book, and heirloom along with the reunion planning web app have become a mainstay among inspiring planning guides for memorable
family reunion events. 
Is Everything In There? The Family Reunion Planning web app? Well, let's see...
1. Step by step event planning checklist? It's In There!
2. Task To-do list? It's In There!
3. Event invitation sender and RSVP reports? It's In There!
4. Reunion printable templates? It's In There!
5. Printable invitations and fliers? It's In There!
6. Event planning spreadsheet? It's In There!
7. Connect to all your family? It's In There!
8. Reunion planning ebook? It's In There!
9. Keepsake Family Reunion Memory Book? It's In There!
10. Genealogy Research Template? It's In There!
11. Family Line Template? It's In There!
12. Family Recipe Compiler? It's In There!
13. Inspiration? It's In There!
14. Family Reunion Poems? It's In There!
15. Family Reunion Survey Compiler? It's In There!
16. 5 Family Reunion Themed Planner? It's In There!
17. Theme Itinerary? It's In There!
18. Family Reunion Cruise Travel Planner? It's In There!
19. Family Reunion Fund Raising Ideas? It's In There!
20. Family Reunion Games and Activities Ideas? It's In There!
And yet there's so much more...

No wonder it makes a great gift!
Take the first step to bringing family together to experience something wonderful and real like no other event can. 

Plan your 2nd-millennium reunion and find your richest treasure - family. To learn more click "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner" to access this amazing reunion planning web app