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Mark Angelo Askew is an author, minister, motivational speaker, event planner, entertainer, illustrator, and web app developer. Mark is also the founder of Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show, currently on tour throughout the east coast.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Fascinating Quotes To Keep You Going

Quotes To Keep You Going

When love calls, always remember to answer.

Life is for the purpose of living. Live with a purpose and life will follow.

Minutes are the longest segment of time in the absence of meaning. Maximize the meaning and watch the time fly.

You always said if you had the time you would do this and that. Now that you have it, where is this and that. 

Time is an essential element that makes dreams come true. Cast your net in time and catch your dreams.

The most amazing discoveries rise from the ashes.

Now you have the time to immerse yourself in a hobby.

The most fascinating best-selling books were written in crisis situations.

When the pages have been read, start a new book.

Nothing is ever really over, just on pause.

Amidst the greatest crisis, the sun still rose in the sky, the rain still fell, the butterflies still fluttered about as the blossoms bloomed once again.

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