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Friday, March 6, 2020

Busy Life? - 6 Fun Ideas To Engage The Family Remotely

So you're busy.  Super busy.  Aren't we all? Which makes managing your family life a major challenge. But it's also a major issue. We need to be there for our spouse, our children and parents. But being there is not enough. We need to live in the moment, engage them and above all be a source of inspiration and motivation. In other words, family life should be a colorful and wondrous experience. So the big question is, how do you manage it in order to enjoy it?

It seems the older the children get, the more they need. If just trying to survive were not enough, seeing to their needs often translates into spending more and more time on the job going after that time and a half and chasing overtime pay. Some parents try to compensate for being away from home by texting their children every few hours, and that o.k., but there's no substitute for actually being there with your family, getting to know them and engaging in meaningful bonding activities. So what do we do to engage them when we can't be there physically? Here are a few engaging ideas.

Establish remote projects and activities with your spouse and children and work on them every few days or so.  The idea is for each family member to work on the same project individually according to their own time schedule. Each time they visit the project they see what the other family member has done to contribute to its completion. It can take weeks or months to progress through the completion of the project, but the time spent with each one doing their part is well worth it. It makes each family member feel closer to the other. Most important, remember to leave those silly progress notes.

Here's a remote activities list to help you engage with your family even when you can't be there physically each day.

Remote Family Projects and Activities List

  1. Make a family quilt together. Cut several quilt squares from different pieces of material. Sew a square into a quilt. Perhaps the squares could be cloth prints pictures of family members when they were younger.
  2. Make a family pillow. The pillow could bear the insignia of the family surname and/or crest.
  3. Don't have a family crest. Make one up just for fun and let each family member contribute a part of the design.
  4. Play a multiplayer video game over a wifi network. It starts getting really fun when split the team into teams within one family. Play at a designated time on lunch breaks
  5. Plan all the details of a family vacation together by looking at a variety of videos together in conference mode. Videos can include information about the local, travel, activities, history, tours, and cuisine.
  6. Plan a fun-filled empowering family reunion with all the fascinating bells and whistles including genealogy, discovering homesteads, family history, family recipes, explore family culture, games and activities.

Feeling inspired? We're just getting started. List other projects and activity ideas you know your family will love engaging in remotely proving that though you're apart, you're still very much a part of their lives.

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