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Mark Angelo Askew is the author of "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake" and the founder and director of the Family Reunion Planning Group that established November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Family Reunion Fall Festivities

Alert! It's Autumn. Do you know where your family members are? The fall season is on. Autumn leaves are falling. The air is cooling and it's time to unpack the sweaters and jackets. One problem. Where is everybody? Sometimes during this season family members get more isolated than ever. More schoolwork, more overtime and when they all finally come home, they want more ME-time. Don't miss the best part of the fall season? Getting warm and toasty while cozying up with family over a warm pot of soup, stew, chili and good cheer.

So how do you bring the family together? First, set a family dinner date. Next, make use of an age-old method for bringing the family together no matter where they are in or outside the house. A wholesome cooking date! If you cook it, they will come! Yes, fill the home with the aroma of good wholesome cooking and warm homemade bread and top it off with warm baked dessert. The aroma of onions, tomatoes, fried potatoes, scallions, garlic, butter and seasoned meat and something sweet shouts 'come and get it!' before you can say 'dinners ready!"

But cooking doesn't have to be complicated. Easy crockpot recipes abound. Just chop it up in the morning and throw it in the pot. Before you leave for work turn it on low. By afternoon the home is toasty and filled with an inviting 'Lets Eat' aroma even the most introverted teen can't resist.

Time to take the crockpot out of the box and stock up on wholesome crockpot recipes to warm that belly and delight the palate. Start collecting family recipes for chili, sweet rolls, and hot apple cinnamon pie.

Even better why not plan a Fall Family Food Fest and make it a family reunion themed event. A good event organizer is essential so that nothing is overlooked. The Internet is teaming with event organizing checklists and templates. When putting together your menu plan make good use of a menu planner and family recipe compiler... Get great ideas here...

Find the Fall Food Fest family reunion planning theme complete with itinerary, menu planner, recipe compiler, event planning checklists, recommended activities and everything you need to plan this fantastic family festivity in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner. Download the eBook, order the Print Edition, or use the Web app. For more great info...

Another feature of the fall season is that November is Annual Family Reunion Planning Month. What plans are you making to observe this annual event? What will you do to get the word out? Get ideas here...

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