Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Life Is Short - Celebrate The Lives of Those True To You

In a world ravaged by fake news, scandals and epidemic disappointments, 
there are only five things you can really count on
 to lift your spirits and provide enjoyment in life.

1. A rock solid faith in ageless guiding principles.
2. The sources of those principles.
3. True love from family and true friends.
4. A vivid hope for better days to come.
5. The gift to express love and gratitude to those who have been true to you.

Life is short and there is no easy street. True friends and strong family ties are hard to come by.  It's important to do what we can to preserve those precious relationships we have. But preserving and surviving is not living. To live you must celebrate your bounty. That said, this year make it your aim to live in the moment by spending time planning creative ways to express your love for those who are special and true in your life.  How?

1. Get to know your family members and friends on a higher or deeper level. Spend more time listening and asking questions to get a clearer understanding of their hopes, dreams, principles, and interests.

2. Show them that you heard them. Show them that you were really listening by writing a brief letter expressing your appreciation for sharing.  Add it to a card and put a small token in the card that is reminiscent of the time you shared listening.

3. Followup by being more inclusive.  Include their thoughts, expressions, and interests in your everyday conversation and routine with them.

4. Share your hopes and dreams. Nothing says I love you more than fulfilling hopes and dreams shared over time together. And what better way to celebrate those hopes and dreams than at a family gathering, get-to-together or family reunion. It's a great time for creative expressions of endearment and affection, empowerment, gift giving, motivation and inspiration, creative poetry recital, family slideshows, achievement awards, lots of hugs and self-esteem building.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

How To Fulfill Your 2018 Goals List

After a beautiful autumn in 2017, here we are in the middle of February 2018. 
This is the time of year I consider how close I've gotten to my goals and the productive
results of those I've reached. How did I do and what have I learned from the process?

I have managed to balance family, secular work, community volunteer service, and business. I must admit, 
much was accomplished this past year as the following reveals.
1. I wrote three books. 
2. Planned, organized and managed two social events. 
3. Engaged 5 entertainment gigs.
4. Hosted several dinners with extended family and friends.
5. Restructured my financial plan.
6. Acquired a beautiful Kia SUV. 
7. Sold my old faithful silver sedan.
8. Made many new true friends.
9. Got even closer to my wife.
10. Learned new things about myself, my family and ancestry.

I must admit, though, there were a number of items on my goals list I would have loved to have fulfilled in 2017, but there are only
12 months in a year. So what outstanding goals are on my list? 

1. Plan an outdoor BBQ style family reunion this summer.
2. Put on a bubble show at my relative's kids graduation party
3. Throw a family reunion talent show
4. Enjoy a black tie 39th wedding anniversary party
5. Write a children's book in rhyme with illustrations and audio.

I'm happy to say I'm making wonderful memories while planning each event.


What are your New Years resolutions? How close are you to meeting your goal? Here's are some tips that help make your resolutions a reality.

1. Don't pretend to be or have what you want in life. Experience life at it's best, in the raw. Be what you are while learning to be your best self.

2.  Give yourself permission to be truly happy and content with who you are, what you have, and those you have to share it with. 

2. Discover who and what you really are. That means looking past the mistakes, looking over the slip-ups, looking beyond the impositions of history, and accepting that there are things you have no control over. Focus on discovering your gifts, see your potential and hone your empowering traits and endearing qualities.

3. Focus on living in the moment while planning for the future. 

4. Plan the big stuff. Enjoy the little things. Let the rest of life play out. Don't overthink it.

5. Life is short, so keep your camera on. You never know when a priceless picture of your life happen and then quickly pass by.

6. You cannot do it all on your own. Sincere prayer for wisdom, insight, discernment, and guidance helps profoundly.

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Happy Reunion Planning Everyone!