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Mark Angelo Askew is the author of "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake" and the founder and director of the Family Reunion Planning Group that established November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Happiness Maker's Wish

Could you use some happiness right now? When we consider what is happening right in our own backyard we sure could you a pick-me-up. How far would you go to put a little more love in the world if you knew you could? Read the touching story, "A Happiness Maker's Wish" and find out what a bubble performance artist does in the name of much-needed happiness, then you decide.

The Happiness Maker's Bubble Show at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

An old adage says "there is more happiness in giving than in receiving". Such love is less "how someone makes you feel", but more  "how you feel" when in the service of others. That warm satisfying feeling of purpose, connection, and happiness often leads to many unexpected ongoing rewards.

Mark Askew, now age 56, is a veteran artist, children's books author, playwright, videographer and motivational speaker. he's enjoyed the love of the arts for years and used this art to incite filial love and community solidarity among thousands. "I call myself a happiness maker as this is often the result of my work. I perform at family festivals, zoos, parks and child center events." Doing what, you ask?

The program opens with a tune about letting the imagination soar, yet the presentation the audience is about to behold has nothing to do with imagination. Everything they are about to see is real, yet very surreal and unexpectedly beautiful. Objects defying gravity. Brilliant iridescent formations flying aloft lifting the spirits of the audience to unexpected heights of excitement and awe. Tricks that appear to be illusions but are wonderful displays of science and choreography. And then the biggest show-stopper of them all. One that is undeniably engaging, enchanting and charming. The K.I.B. Putting kids inside of bubbles.

A little about his happiness work. As an artist, writer, musician, and craftsman he discovered a way to merge all my talents and skills to produce a magical, musical, and motivating family bubble show using over 10 varieties of very large colorful handcrafted bubble wands and my own bubble juice recipe. With these, he creates enormous iridescent bubbles, unlike anything most children have ever seen.  And how do they react when they see his bubbles for the first time? Mark says, "They say the  huge man-size bubble is awesome, and the spray of hundreds of bubbles at a time is breathtaking, while the long funnel bubbles are beautiful! When I observe the warm, intimate laughter, ooh's and aah's pouring out of the heart and mouths of bubble gazers I am as captivated by them as they are with my show.  The good vibes and love that results are priceless. It really is something special."

Mark continues, "There is nothing I love more than giving people a reason to connect, express affection and mutual regard for one another. This happiness making movement is growing. And it is a good thing too. With so much horrific bad news mounting people are overwhelmed and need something comforting and uplifting to remind them that there is a better side to life." It feels a lot like a hug and reassurance that we are still a remarkably kind, humane, and beautiful people.

Read more about Mark's happiness work and find out what his one wish is this year...

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