Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Indie Author's Exploratorium Dream Part 3

An Interview with Indie Author Mark Angelo Askew - Part 3 of 5

Like any child, You had your challenges. What were they?  

Mark - "While most times I was quiet,and reserved, at other times I was excited and anxious to get a laugh. Getting hopped up on sweets didn't help," Mark laughed. "I loved to figure out what made people tick. I would spend hours creating a puppet or comic strip to get a chuckle out of a family member, classmate, teacher or neighbor. I also loved electronics, robotics, and mechanics. I could be found taking things apart, making experimental inventions, and trying to fix things, including electrical appliances. Amazingly I somehow survived every jolt and learned to respect the bounds between being alive and being fried to a crisp. I chose to live and became a became bit more careful with my little experiments."

So you liked to entertain but were a bit of an introvert. How so?

Mark - "I dreaded getting in front of a crowd. But when I realized I had to or needed to I made the most of it. It helped to have something to deflect the attention. That where my art and crafts came in. I remember planning and organizing my first elementary school puppet show for third-grade class during show-and-tell. I made the puppet myself. I used a knitted winter cap. I cut a small hole on the side and added buttons for eyes and stuck an orange sock through the hole and formed it to look like a bird's beak. For 20 minutes I entertained the class. The laughter was exhilarating."

Your next show-and-tell featured a larger creation, a creature he called a Croctopus? What was that all about? 

Mark - "It was a four-legged smiley faced green dinosaur made from a bedspread, stick for the neck and a hand-drawn smiley face on a brown paper bag for the head."

You said for legs, all that was needed were two volunteers to get under the sheet? 

Mark - "Yes, while the person up front held the stick with the head attached. We had the smallest class member sit on top of the Croctopus as if riding it. I remember the Principal stopping outside our door to see what all the laughter and commotion was about. We froze stiff, thinking we were in big trouble. Before I knew it the principal, the four-legged Croctopus, it's rider and I were walking the halls entering each class in the building to show students an object lesson in creativity all to our thrill and surprise. The Crocktopus, now called a Dinohorsephant is one of the main characters in my latest book "The Adventures of Chester Peabody Bear In Mural Land."

Do you have a serious side? One that addresses the realities of this world?

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