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Mark Angelo Askew is the author of "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake" and the founder and director of the Family Reunion Planning Group that established November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fimark Family Entertainment Channel Coming

"We Are Here!"  Welcome to the movement that's making Fimark's Family Entertainment Network Channel a reality. 

We are always aspiring to inspire you with something bigger and better and we want to know... Are you ready for the next big step? Then let's make some noise! What do we mean? As most of you know, the founders of Fimark;s Family Reunion Planner have been reaching out to thousands for over a decade and we just keep getting bigger and better. Read some of the noise others have been making to tell us what they think about it.

"I love it!" And she adds three more words, "Thanks so much."

In 2005 we formed the Family Reunion Planner Group and promoted the family reunion planning movement to empower families by means of group activities that have bonded thousands. To that end, we've promoted November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month. Our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Board enjoys thousands of followers making use of our colorful printables, creative craft projects, in-depth event planning tips, printables, books, and apps. After producing two event planning apps we've developed the third generation Family Reunion Planner Social web app.

"Thanks so much Mark. I was so engrossed with it I forgot to reply. It's wonderful."

But that's not all. Over time we've given away scores of freebies including free flyer samples with How To's explaining how to make party flyers and family reunion memory books. We have given away a free family tree and as if that were not enough they created a free place online where hundreds post and announce family reunion events online. Thousands have downloaded our popular 7 Day Wedding Countdown Checklist Bookmark.

We've made available free previews of our top selling book

"Thanks again and I love what I have experimented with so far. Nice and organized."

We revealed the best family reunion website providers with free website tryouts. Next, we put together an inspiring weekly reunion planning blog at

"I loved this planner because it's a workbook"

That said, are you enjoying all the love?  If you are, good. Because we have more to give. So much more. We want to do something big, and absolutely fantastic. Something with longer, greater outreach. A Family Network Channel that features good news about our community at it's very best. With uplifting stories, videos, music, concerts, activity, how to craft shows, family drama with real life lessons, cartoons, and epic movies to inspire and empower you and your family for generations to come! We're talking about creating a Family Network Entertainment Channel that aspires to inspire like no other medium can. And an online reading room featuring previews of original books that help our children's imagination soar.  Are you still with me? We are determined to make this happen in 12 weeks. Let's make Fimark Home Family Entertainment Channel a reality on January 1, 2017!

"I coordinate our family reunions every two years, and this planner had a lot of what I was looking for."

Making FFENC A Reality

How can you help us make Fimark's Family Entertainment Network Channel a January 1, 2017 reality? As some of you know, we just released the new book "Chester Peabody Bear In Mural Land" with a trailer. Thousands have used Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guidebook.

We are now announcing a new October 1st release... Our newest book to be released October 2016 is titled "My Best Life Ever Party Planner" with a video preview soon to come. And so we ask, Are You Still With Us! Are you ready to receive an endless stream of inspiring good news about our community at its best?

'So far I love it. extremely helpful information.'

Are you ready for an inspiring Family Entertainment Network Channel  about you reunion planners and your family and people like you?  If so here's what do. Make some noise!!! How? Horton Style! Tweet, retweet, like, preview and share our books, freebies, articles and tips with all your friends and family.

We want to call on every reunion planner, every friend of a friend. Everyone who appreciates the value of family and is doing everything to keep theirs together. We estimate that tweeting, retweeting, liking, previewing and subscribing and sharing our youtube video book releases will create the leverage to attract big sponsors. Amazingly, all it takes is one enthusiastic tweeter, Facebook Follower, Google +1, Youtube subscriber, Pinterest Pinner, blogger or book reviewer.

You have the power. Are You With Us? Then on with the12-week Fimark's Family Entertainment Network Channel campaign. Get everyone in your contacts to say "We Are Here!" Make some noise! Introduce yourself, share our freebies, enjoy the content, like us and comment on our Youtube videos, blogs and book previews, reply to our tweets via our twitter tag #FamilyChannelNetworkEntertainment, make some noise and before you know it in 12 weeks Fimark;s Family Entertainment Network Channel will have become a reality filling our days and evenings with good news and good cheer! Star right now and show the world "We are here!"

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