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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Best Features For Your Family Reunion Website

One of the keys to keeping family close is having a common venue or meeting place online with which to interact, consult, share photos and present news updates. For some that spot might be Facebook, Google, or even Instagram. Still, a family reunion event may require more special features like collecting reunion money securely online, or building a family tree.

While many social networks have their strengths, when it comes to family reunion meets they also have their limitations. So what are the best social networks on which to build your family reunion pages? It's all about having features exclusive to family reunion events. Here are just a few:

Vital Must Have Family Reunion Website Features

1. Family reunion announcement page.
2. Family history pages
3. Family tree page
4. Event ticket purchase (Collect reunion money securely online.)
5. Reunion t-shirt design and sales feature
6. Event photos post
7. Date countdown
8. Family News Post
9. Comments and Discussion feature
10. In Memorium Page
11. Family Reunion Booklet Maker and Download Page
12. Family Reunion Invitation and RSVP Feature
13. Event Fundraiser

Many of these features can be found in a reunion planning web app. Just run a search for key term "reunion web app" and view a small list of apps that boast having everything needed to plan a memorable family reunion. An alternative would be designing your own website using a template that includes all the above features provided by a website hosting service like

MyEvents features includes all of the above features including a feature for selling tickets, ideal for collecting reunion money securely online holding. Other features include an online fundraiser. Checkout's personalized family reunion websites.

Make use of search engine ranking and rating systems as well as word-of-mouth recommendations to determine the true quality of reunion planning resources Thanks to today's search engine rating system, finding the right interactive family reunion meeting place just got a whole lot easier.

Don't have a family reunion planner app yet? Get Fimark's Family Reunion Planner web app with everything you need to plan a great family reunion. 

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