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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Storm Safety Tips and Family Fun Activities

It's snowing like crazy!  If you're caught in the middle of this historic blizzard there are a few things you need to know. We'll be stuck in the white stuff for the next three days. The following tips should only be followed if they comply with local safety regulations in your area.

Winter Storm Safety Tips

1. Avoid venturing out on the streets or highway while conditions are hazardous
2. Take precautions to keep pipes from freezing up and bursting. Run water on slow drip
3. Turn thermostat slightly higher during peak cold periods
4. Shovel snow and salt around front door, cars, driveway and walkway as soon as possible
5. Make use of fixed or portable generators during power outage
6. Conserve dry goods and eat perishables first
7. Collect all candles, sterno and flashlights and store in a convenient spot for quick access.
8. Fill tub with clean water for use if plumbing fails.
9. Keep boots, coats, hats and scarves in the warmest part of the home.
10. Do your heavy baking and cooking during the peak periods of cold.
11. Conserve energy and make use of candles, solar energy and flashlights when possible.

So what to do with all of that snow? Here are some fun ideas that will keep in knee deep in winter fun for hours.

10 Fun Winter Blizzard Activities.

1. Build giant smiley faces with snow boulders
2. Make a family video of kids mimicking blockbuster movies about storms
3. Make a photo collage of kids making snow angels
4. Spell out your name using your body while lying on the snow
5. Use sticks, hat, and rubber balls and build a snowman.
6. Make snow cones with clean snow and fruit juice
7. Freeze a bag of candy or pack of gum in the snow for a crunchy treat
8. Build a snow maze
9. Make a brick fort out of snow
10. Build an igloo with a hot chocolate and s'mores serving table in the middle.

Happy winter blizzard fun!

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