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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How To Remember This Kind Of September

September has a way of conjuring up nostalgia, laughter and warm memories of days gone by unlike any other month of the year. May this September be one of those months for you and yours. What will make this September extra special?

The astronomical fall 2015 begins on Wednesday, September 23. this often begins fall season events including arts and craft shows, my personal favorite - bubble shows for kids, street fairs, music and food festivals as well as beer and wine tasting.

Like Golden Leave

No doubt, after a long three day vacation weekend you already have some golden moments to remember. But as time passes by it can be hard to hold on to the details of even your most prized memories. Like the golden leaves of autumn scattering to the wind the names and nicknames of old friends and cousins, the places and subtle details of a special event may seem to slip away and drift far from your reach. How can you remember that kind of September?

Tell The Story By Narration

Don't just take pictures. One way to recapture the moment is in stories. Take a video and audio recording of the day. Enhance the visuals with narration and stories that focus on the details of that day like the smell of Auntie Emm's apple pie and uncle Herman's peanuts roasting on an open fire. a funny thing that happened or a joke that made you laugh so hard you almost fainted. Add narration on the spot or a few hours or days after the event. Don't delay. The longer you wait the more details may be lost.

Include Descriptive Sounds 

Remember to include the sounds and voices around you when recording. The sound of children playing, birds cooing, the rustle of the nearby stream, The crackle of cooking butter topped popcorn. The ocean.

Music has a way of setting up the mood and creating the atmosphere. Add the music of the day and you're practically there reliving the moment as if was yesterday.

Use Slow Motion

Enhance parts of the video by recording in slow motion so you can savor every second and make time stand still if only for a moment. This month "Try to Remember That Time In September" with video, sound, music, slow motion and narration. When it's time to look back you'll be so glad you have this virtual time capsule to recapture, relive, reminisce and as the song goes, remember the time of September and, ...follow.

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