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Mark Angelo Askew is the author of "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake" and the founder and director of the Family Reunion Planning Group that established November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Event Planning? There's An App For That

Still need more activity ideas for your upcoming family reunion event? You're in for a surprise. There's an app for that.  Get top reunion entertaining and high fun factor activity ideas attendees just can't resist using Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app.
Are you planning an event within the next three to four months? Not sure where to start or how to get the ball rolling? There's an app for that. Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app can help you plan the following family celebrations, club and community events in no time at all.

  • Anniversary Party
  • Food and Culture Fest
  • Fundraiser
  • Genealogy Presentation Gathering
  • Graduation Party
  • Group Cruise Vacation
  • Homecoming
  • Honorary Awards ceremony
  • Pot Lick Picnic BBQ
  • Talent Show
  • Traditional Family Reunion 
Download planning and organizing checklists, budget lists, edit itineraries, get suggested themes and activities, event programs, suggested floor plans and more in this step by step event planning tool.
Plan just about every event of the year with one app.  Need family fun inspiration? There's an app for that. Get inspired with Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Social web app. 

Anniversary Party, Food and Culture Fest, Fundraiser, Genealogy Presentation Gathering, Graduation Party, Group Cruise Vacation, Homecoming, Honorary Awards Ceremony, Pot Luck Picnic BBQ, Talent Show, Traditional Family Reunion

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