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Friday, January 23, 2015

How To Design and Sell T-shirts Online

It's mid-January. Needless to say this it the time to assemble the reunion planning committee. The goal would be to agree on the color and basic design of the illustrious family reunion T-shirt. Start with theme and slogans agreed upon. Use these as a basis for the logo, colors and design style.

If you're like me, taking orders by phone and putting each order status on a T-shirt roster spreadsheet is not what you would call a blast. Still bringing the family together to affirm identity, maintain a support system, infuse empowerment and just have a good ol' time makes it all worth the effort.
Still you have to wonder if there is an easier way to step through the T-shirt ordering process.

The quick answer is Yes. Do it online. How?  First step. Design it. There are scores of top notch T-shirt design apps out there but the one you want is an app that will not only allow you to design the shirt, but send a snap shot to all family members via email or social network plugin.  Even better, you want an app tha twill help you keep track of orders. And taking it up a notch how about an app that will help you make money that can be added to event funding. Now that's an app!

Family Reunion T-shirt Designs I do like the T-shirt designer app featured at Zazzle. In the past the site catered to young artists who wanted to display their brilliant designs on shirts, shoes or carrying cases.  Now Zazzle has matured and has become well seasoned in the art of online custom design and printing. That said you can be assured your design will be rendered and printed just as it appears on the T-shirt design app. Even better you can create matching accessories for your shirt like caps or aprons, not to mention invitations and banners. Best of all you can sell the entire ensemble online and send it to family and friend across the social galaxy. And if you're not careful you might even consider it a means to earning a second income. These T-shirt designer apps are available for immediate use under the golden tree...

Another popular T-shirt designing app I particularly like is the one featured at This site boasts hundreds of design graphics and styles including a wide selection of beautiful ink colors. In addition you can present the T-shirt design to family friends online and event Boost it! Sell your t-shirt designs on your own Booster page to support your cause, passion or project.  You can present them on your Facebook page, and before you know it is cutting you a check.

These designer web apps are featured on Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social. What could be more practical and time saving? The online web app is simple and easy to use. Nothing too complex.

The features are so user friendly even your pre-teen can plan an event with it.

Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app. Click the link in my profile to access the T-shirt designer app and get started design your family reunion Tees.

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