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Mark Angelo Askew is the author of "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake" and the founder and director of the Family Reunion Planning Group that established November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In It To Win It

While I don't like change, I do like learning new things, winning people over,  and the rewards of a job well done. That said I am willing to try new things, taking a fresh look at life and see life from a different perspective if it means getting better results for all involved.

I find that discovering new lands, people, culture, foods and exotic species adds zest to life. Lately I've been learning many new things about life, history and the human condition while researching, producing and directing a new film presentation for my upcoming family night gathering. No this is not just any weekly family night. This one actually includes several different families all under one roof sharing an evening meal and video entertainment together. Why so many families?

As Brenda and I travel the Maryland circuit teaching and being taught, we develop meaningful relationships that last. Our way of keeping in touch is by having family night gathering once every few years. These events encourage mutual support and provide an exchange of guidance and wisdom needed during these challenging time. Our prime objective is to inspire strong family ties, teach kindness and consideration and preserve family and community cohesion. How can we do all that in one night?

After presenting our first film feature we have an open forum. We discuss what we saw, how we felt about it and lessons taught. We ask the right questions to stimulate thought and emphasize comments of practical value.

Successfully building a happy family begins with attitude. An attitude that is contagious. An attitude that inspires. That says I Am In This To Win It.  To aim at being successful as a husband, father, wife and mother. To win the rewards of deliberately sharing mutual filial and loyal love.

To win it requires a trustworthy proven training system, regimen and priority mind set. A life guide, if you will - Personally I find the books of Genesis, Exodus and Proverbs provides the ideal lesson plan that lays the ground work for building a close knit loyal family that stands the test of time.

Here are a few of My Life lessons
Learn and maintain humility - It's a constant process that never ends. If you think you're humble you're probably not.
Live a simple life. Only then will you discover who your family members really are.
Avoid getting caught up in corporate politics and competition, it will only distract you from what really matters - Loving your family from the inside out.
Put some love in it. (Make basic principle of love manifest in all you do.)
Remain united no matter what or who tries to pull you apart.
Cling to hope, celebrate love, honor one another
Take time to look back and cherish fond memories
Take time to look ahead and build new ones
Live in the moment, learn from the past, plan for the future
Save time, save money, save mementos and put away something for the unforeseen
Build resilience and accept challenges
Learn the joy of giving
Celebrate achievements of the heart
Teach your young to feel - To express honor, respect and appreciation
Reward good behavior - Inspire to reach greater heights
Take pride in the challenges you've met and the obstacles you've overcome
Value practical experiences - Reject fantasy and folly.
Quote words of wisdom to your family everyday
Express love for each family member when you end the day

On family night we all come together to enjoy an exciting and inspiring video presentation filled with lessons about family life, love and creation itself.  Last week Brenda, my video editor and respected movie critic, put her stamp of approval on the video feature presentation - The Book of Genesis.   That means the show will go on!  Genesis contains many stories about close knit families who sacrificed much for the sake of loyal love and preserved themselves alive in the process.When she's excited about a presenting our work I am assured that we finally have something worth presenting. While this special event is a mainstay in our bi-annual routine the fact is family night should be enjoyed every night. And that's another story soon to come...

Looking for some family fun winter vacation activities everyone's bound to enjoy?

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