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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How To Raise Funds For Your Family Reunion

Need more funds for your family reunion? There are a number of ways to raise funds. Much has to do with the kind of event you're planning. We'll discuss some of the more popular fundraising ideas in this article. But first let's talk about promoting the event.

To raise funds for your event you need the support of key players who will help you plan, organize and manage the event. Consider family members with exceptionally good social and communication skills. The best way to go about soliciting support is to feed your potential volunteers, and feed them well. That's right, invite them over and feed them a light lunch complete with a yummy dessert. About midway thru the course while you are pouring drinks ask them for fund raising ideas. Find out what they have done to raise funds for other charitable events. Next warmly ask for their support. Next you'll to promote your fundraiser. 

The Young At Heart Should Take Part
Get the youth and young at heart involved in the process as soon as possible. Tell them what you want to accomplish and get their ideas on how they plan to pull it off. They'll offer loads of them just brain storming. Get all the ideas down in writing. Make sure your ideas for event activities center around the interests of family members, especially those most prominent and most loved. Get the fun and active family members involved. Give them specific assignments that are in their area of expertise.

1. Have some draw up and mail fundraiser invitational flyers.
2. Have some send animated announcement ecard from their phone or tablet
3. Have others call older family members and arrange for transportation to the event.

Memorabilia and Keepsakes
A great way to raise funds is by way of selling memorabilia and keepsake items like t-shirts, caps, visors, aprons and hand bags. Once you decide on a theme and slogan for the event it's time to begin designing the art for t-shirts and other keepsake items. Fimark's Family Reunion Planner web app showcases pre-designed event theme art on t-shirts, caps, visors, aprons and hand bags via The interface allows you to price and sell these items and more online. 

Reunion Website with Fund Raising Features
Another fun idea is to hold an online fundraiser from your family reunion website. Fimark's Family Reunion Planner web app guides you through the process. Just open a family reunion website account, select the fundraiser form and you're up and running in minutes. Send a link to all your event invitees with periodic updates featuring those who contributed. You might even offer a prize to persons donating $50 or more.  Example: Win a free Family Reunion Keepsake Book filled with family reunion recipes, family history charts and a journal and genealogy section. You can also even sell tickets to the reunion event. The family reunion website is enabled with an event ticket sales feature. If you're going to sell tickets to the event you'll want the entertainment to be above standard. How?

Have talented family members? Treat your family reunion like a concert. Invite talented entertainers, artists and craft person to showcase their skills at the family reunion talent show. Have the event catered and hire a highly recommended event decorator and band. Many of these services are a part of the package when renting out a reception hall.

Traditional Fund Raising Ideas
If you want to keep the reunion event simple another way to raise funds is a book and bake sale. Find out what desserts, books, music and DVD's your family members like most. Create a list of deserts and books, music CDs and DVD titles family members like.  Send the list to all family members asking for title and baked goods donations. Next invite all family members to a local book and bake sale and use the proceeds to fund the family reunion event. 

The company is They boast having helped raise over $25,000,000 and is the only company that allows individuals to accept donations online and sell tickets without a merchant account on a complimentary fundraising web page that has no ads and hundreds of design themes to choose from.

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