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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finding Cyber Monday Prices Everyday

So I have my black friday and cyber monday shopping list together and I know where I'm going to make the purchases. Suddenly I get this nagging feeling that there is a lower price on a more high quality product right under my nose and I don't want to miss out. The question is are we really getting the lowest price on that black friday, cyber monday sale? There is a way to find out. How?  

First Step - Know exactly what you want and need.That means taking the time to consider what's most important to you in a product. Consider how the product will best serve you. The features that would be most useful to you. Consider how you use similar products you already have and ways to improve it's design and output for more convenient or skillful handling and performance.

Overall you want to give thought to the following preferences: Color, texture, feel, handling, versatility, quality, power and performance. And of course the price your budget can handle compared to the list price and lowest price available. 

Second: Know the list price. The true list price is the Manufacturers price not the store list price.

Third: Always, always and finally always compare prices in ads to determine the absolute lowest price offered and consider if you need a store shoppers card or if there is some other qualifying factor needed to get the item at that price. In other words read the fine print on the ad.

Fourth: Take into consideration shipping costs. Many store offer free shipping upon reaching a certain spending threshhold. 

It's Cyber Monday Everyday with Widgets

Many shoppers have never considered using a shopping list widget. But there are many of them online in the form of a listmania or wish list. An whatever items you wish from the featured store or shopping network.

Here are a few examples. 

Listmania: Black Friday Everyday Shopping List 

Wish lists: Sometimes taking the time to put together a wishlist featuring the lowest prices you've seen online is the way to go about forming a checklist of items to shop for when the time is right. Add items from any store found in your browser. The checklist automatically links to it and the image. Share it, sends it and access it from your smartphone. Here is an example of a wish list.

Cyber Monday Everyday Web App

A good application for shopping is one that allows you to establish a budget, create a list of items you want, check list prices, find bargains, calculate the cost and and stick to your budget. There a little web app that can help you do all of that. Shopping Budget Checklist Maker.

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