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Mark Angelo Askew is the author of "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake" and the founder and director of the Family Reunion Planning Group that established November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Anniversary From Us To You

October. It's the most beautiful time of year. Time to get warm and cozy. Having someone to snuggle up to, even better. At the moment that's what Scamper our cat and distinguished member of the family seems to have in mind while I multitask on two computers. One to write this blog entry and the other to create a family video scrapbook - Part II, Our Granddaughter. It's something Brenda has been asking for and I refuse to put it off a day longer. Two days ago I did the first of these video scrapbooks.

Anniversary Video Scrapbook
The first was an anniversary gift to Brenda. We celebrated our 33rd this weekend. I call this series of video scrapbooks 'The Book of Life' series. When completed it will take the viewer from my family heritage in the motherland to our life in america. I hope to share it with the next generation and those to come and leave a trail of identity, hope, reunion and assurance.

What I love about this project is you can create it to play on your lightweight iPad or tablet. You can prop it up on the candle lit dinner table for two and let it say it all and then when the video is done play your favorite tunes while sequencing through family photos and memorable scenic spots enjoyed then and now.

Book of Life
This project will be an ongoing one to say the least. The first edition was an anniversary commemoration presented to my wife of 33years.  It will be shared again with the rest of the family on my fathers next wedding Anniversary and an update later on my next anniversary. It will include interviews, maps, home video, news clips, newspaper clippings and photos as backdrop to narration and my own music compositions.

She Loves It
The first in the series begins with when I met Brenda and many of the highlights up to the present time. I'll be adding more to it over time but for now it is in condensed form and I'm glad to report that Brenda loves it. Getting some ideas? Grab it and run with it. To all those of you who said Yes or "I do" in October, happy anniversary from Brenda and me.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 2013 Fimarks Genealogy Presentation Award Winners

Announcing Fimarks Genealogy Presentation. Award Winners. Genealogists and genealogy enthusiasts have been presenting genealogy records, family trees, pedigrees, heirlooms, artifacts and research in innovative and creative ways for centuries. This awards program promotes the work of genealogist and the craft of unique presentation design.

Winners are Voted 4-5 stars and awarded one Like by Fimark's Genealogy Presentation Awards panel. Winners are determined based on genealogy presentation creativity, professional, practicality and use. Other criteria may include inspirational work of art or craft and exceptional presentation design.

Entries can be made by emailing with a link to the genealogy presentation or sending a photo of the presentation to

 Visit to view this years winners creative and inspiring genealogy presentations.

Fimark Home Online is a division of Legendary Heritage Heirlooms, a family reunion planning group of over 2000 members with a focus on family values and needs awareness. The group started the movement in 2005 by  promoting the month of November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Not a member yet? Simply join the family reunion planners group by suscribing to this blog and leaving an article comment or join pinterest and send a pin of your work to

Planning a family reunion? To get  more information about Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app click on the link on this blog page or access the profiles page.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

8 Ideas To Celebrate Annual Family Reunion Planning Month

Fimark Home Online is promoting family values in the month of November and for good reason. November is Family Reunion Planning Month. So what's this annual month long observance all about. To raise awareness of family values and bring the family closer by focusing on family activities everyone can enjoy. Families take the time to define roles, reward hard work and hone skills that contribute to good family management. It's a time to provide the family with an identity everyone can be proud of, a purpose that gives meaning and value to family life and get involved in something fulfilling everyone will enjoy. How will you be observing this event? Here are some great ideas.

Perform genealogy research and find out the contributions made in society or the historic markers in which your family lived.   Does your family have talent?  Discover family talents such as story telling, comedy, singing, composing and playing music, puppetry, dance or acrobatics, arts and crafts or theatrical skills. Enjoy it just for family fun.

If your family is really talented spend some of Family Reunion Planning Month practicing for a family or community talent show. Present a song in concert with a family reunion theme or a G-rated and parent approved family comedy. Create and perform a skit regarding family life featuring important family values taut in a creative, meaningful and inspiring way.  Example:  the "Home Improvement" sitcoms.

Create a compelling family novel, movie or genealogy presentation. Put your performance or presentation online via Youtube, Pinterest or other social media and inspire the world to maintain family first values during Novembers Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Enjoying the Autumn Season During Family Reunion Planning Month

2. Collect and try out family recipes
3. Collect family photos and make a family tree scrapbook
4. Plan a family reunion yourself
5. Write a blog about the observance of family reunions and family life.
6. Collect stories about meaningful family reunion events
7. Sponsor the Movement by offering your business services to promote reunion event planning
8. Contribute to community services by volunteering as a family

Business Sponsorship

Vendors can sponsor the movement by contributing a free service, supply or making a donation to the Family Reunion Planning group promoting the observance. On a local level businesses can offer a discount to patrons who are planning their next family reunion.  How can your business aid the process of planning, organizing or managing a family reunion event? Print the info graphics and add your business card or company stamp and use them as handouts to patrons in your business area. Hold a contest and offer a free copy of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Guide and Keepsake to winners.


Schools and other organizations can hold Annual Family Reunion Planning Month family talent show contests where each act pays tribute to family in a meaningful and creative way. Proceeds can be used to help families pay for text books, supplies or be used as scholarships for the talented. Offering a free copy of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Guide and Keepsake to winners.

Radio and TV Talk Show Hosts

Talks show hosts can feature family talent shows, family reunion recipes fun DIY games and DIY craft ideas for family reunion decor, gifts and party favors. Offer a free copy of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Guide and Keepsake to attendees. Proceeds toward Annual Family Reunion Planning Month promotions by Legendary Heritage Heirlooms family reunion planning group. A Fimark Home Online division.

Travel Agencies

Travel and vacation specialists can present family talent shows at ideal destinations for family reunions and feature special offers to groups who book early in observance of Annual Family Reunion Planning Month. Make use of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning textbook and hold a Family Reunion Planning Workshop. Consider having a Family Reunion Planning Webinar online. Hold a reunion planning podcast on location during Autumn fests at exotic locations. Offer a free copy of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Guide and Keepsake to attendees.

Book Stores

Libraries and bookstores can feature books with titles and themes centered on  family reunion celebrations. Donate toward the Annual Family Reunion Planning Month movement by purchasing family reunion planning books at

Book proceeds toward Annual Family Reunion Planning Month promotions by Legendary Heritage Heirlooms family reunion planning group. A Fimark Home Online division.  Planning a family reunion? To get  more information about Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app click on the link on this blog page or access the profiles page.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Family Reunion Web App Update

Web App Update News: Recently the Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app team addressed issues regarding white blank screen issues experienced by some of our users when registering Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app. In addition the application has greater functionality for mobile devices. 

For more information regarding this go to:!topic/family-reunion-planner-software-updates/AJ87i4GhsC4

If you already have access to the app visit the registration page otherwise go to to register. Tell us about your experience at

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family Reunion Planning Freebies

Every now and then Brenda comes home with a big bag of free stuff. Working in the human resources industry she get's marketing materials from job fairs and vendors throughout the year. Some of the free items are creative and others are very practical and useful. We have a number of key chain flashlights. Blinking lights and reflectors for night running or cycling and refrigerator magnetic clamps which we actually use. 

We have alarm clocks and stop watches, cases, pouches and literally hundreds of pens of all sizes, colors and varieties. I especially love the soft cover leather look zip close folio pads and silver pens Brenda sometimes brings home.  When my eyes light up she insists that I take one for myself  even though I can tell she wouldn't mind having it for herself. She can be very generous and thoughtful with her bag of freebies.

 Tips For Planning Your Family Reunion

Don't you just love getting something for free? How about a bag full of them? It's even better when the big bag of freebies are an unexpected surprise? Well surprise! In observation of Novembers Family Reunion Planning Month here is a big bag of freebies for our family reunion planners everywhere. 

If you already own Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Keepsake guide book your in for a real treat. Now you can get the book in ebook format completely free. Find out how at...

If you're a patron of Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app you have free access to Fimark's Family Reunion Planner ebook. Just look in the documents section. Don't have the web app yet? Get it following the link below.

Let's start with a family reunion webpage with hundreds of free colorful templates. You get a home page to enter your family history, a family tree builder using family photos - Unique!. A free family reunion countdown timer. A free family reunion t-shirt design and ordering system. A family reunion planning guide. Need to raise funds for the event? The website includes a family reunion fundraiser and you can make online tickets to sell right from your website. Get these goodies here. 

Family Reunion News

Family Reunion Webpages

Family Reunion Invitations

Family Heirloom Preservation Handbook

Family Freebies

Looking to save hundreds even thousands of dollars
planning your next family reunion? Check out these
 money saving family reunion freebie finders tips.

Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Free sample post cards
  • Free lapel pins
  • Free key chains
  • Free tote bags
  • Free tour guides
  • Free promotional samples from businesses in the area

Visit State Universities 
  • Free grounds tours
  • Free piano concerts
  • Free use of grounds - donations appreciated

Like this extensive freebies list? Show your love. Donate.

Pass on this article of freebies to friends and family. Share it with one or two people in your circle to promote the next Annual Family Reunion Planning Month. Family first. 

We wrote the Book on family reunion planning. Look inside and read a few pages for free here.
Get a free family reunion website here here.

In celebration of Family Reunion Planning Month get the Family Reunion Planner web app for facebook and google plus users at a $10 discount. Was $49, now $39 

Planning a family reunion? To get  more information about Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app click on the link on this blog page or access the profiles page.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Building A Family Reunion Website Easy

As a website developer I'm always on the lookout for new tools to help me build a families website faster. Tools with engaging interactive features. That said, I know that many of our family reunion planners  have wondered if there is an easier way to go about building a family reunion website.  One that will allow them to add new content, build a family tree, share documents, display photos and sell tickets and accept donations to the event.

The ideal DIY family reunion website builder is one that has all these features built in. So does one exist? A few years ago I went on the hunt to find it. I reviewed several sites with that many useful features. But the main features of photo sharing, document sharing, paying for event dues and making donations were not so prominent among DIY website builders at that time.  After so many years of trying out scores of builders I stumbled upon a family oriented website builder that was quickly becoming a rising star.

This particular website builder has been featured in Martha Stewart's Living, LIFE magazine, The famous "...For Dummies" Books as well as The Wall Street Journal. 

So what's so special about this family reunion website builder? First off I would not say it is a special website builder as the term 'special' could imply unique and different. What users need in a reunion website is not something different from the standard but rather a step above the standard.  Therefore I would say  that this website builder is is robust, fully functional, versatile and very useful as a family reunion website builder and family reunion planning tool. Here are my reasons. 
Once you open an account and name your website you can perform the following:

Event Details
This page saves you time by clearly displaying all the information relevant to the event.
Post a picture of the venue, include special access information, parking information, any information to help the guests!  Event Calendar features help you keep track of all your families special events. In addition there are buttons to help you promote your website on facebook, google plus and twitter.

Take Polls & Surveys
Find out the preferred activity options of your family members.

RSVP Management 
Automatically send invitations and display who has RSVP'd and/or bought tickets to your event. Family members can RSVP to the reunion on your website, saving time and postage money. You can add questions to the RSVP page to prompt responses from your family members to help with the planning. You can even include meal selections with this tool.

Easily track invitations sent to your family members using the broadcast email tool. You can send reminders before your event and Thanks You's after your event. You can add and delete people from the invitation list easily so your list is always up-to-date. Also, you can track invitations that you send by snail mail (regular post)

Update family members on event details or important information at any time. Create a message boards and allow family members to communicate before and after the reunion. 

Collect Attendee Reunion Payments Easily

Reduce the stress of collecting ticket payments by having family members purchase tickets with a credit card on a secure page right on your reunion website! 

Raise funds using the Donations feature on your reunion website. Let people choose their own donation amount or set specific increment levels (ex: $25, $50, $75, $100). Each donation page features a thermometer that displays the goal amount.Keep track of event costs and share important files with committee members allowing committee members to logon and view data and download documents.

Directions and Maps
Add a map for any destination simply by entering the civic address. The map will show how to navigate to your reunion so you don't have to! You can include more than one map to help direct family members to multiple events.

Photo Albums
Upload unlimited photos and create Photo Albums organized by event, family members, or by date. There are some impressive keepsake features you might enjoy including converting your reunion website into an ebook that can be mailed to you on CD.

The family reunion website developer is BBB Online reliable, VeriSign secure, reviewed by Truste, PCI Certified and you get a 30 day money back guarantee.

So what is this highly recommended family reunion website builder? While you can opt for the free 7 day trial why not purchases several months at a time and not worry about losing all your hard work due to missed payments. Most reunion planners purchase a full year or two of service. See for yourself,