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Mark Angelo Askew is the author of "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake" and the founder and director of the Family Reunion Planning Group that established November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Design Family Reunion T-shirts

It's family reunion t-shirt designing time! This month you want to wrap up your family reunion planning tasks and jump to the task of designing your family reunion t-shirts. That means getting the committee to adopt their mission and vote on the family reunion theme, slogan, logo and color.  

Before you take a vote there are a few important event defining items to put on the table, five to be exact. 

1. Event Title    2. Theme    3. Mission    4.  Slogan    5Logo

Event Title: It's important that the committee making the final decision on the t-shirt design are familiar with the meaning behind the event title and how it relates to the mission. The title can be printed on the t-shirt, banner and any event keepsakes and party favors.

Theme: The theme may address the direction you will take to accomplish your mission. It may focus on the activities involved providing a central definition of purpose in just a few words. 

Example: "2020 Cousins United." 
In this example the theme focuses on reuniting the cousins of the family and all that this may imply including meeting and greeting, exchanging contact information, sharing photos or slideshow presentations of days gone by.  Enjoying entertainment characteristic of the cousins generation. Visiting the homestead and enjoying festivities as a group.

Mission: The mission is the vision of purpose. It defines the ultimate purpose and objective for having the event and therefore sets the bar or standard for each participant to fulfill as well as the elements needed to realize that purpose. 

Example: "Our mission is to discover, promote and manage family interests while introducing a  community built by the hard work of a strong house. It is our objective to give our children a sense of purpose and place and pass the torch of family responsibility and reward onto them."

Slogan: The slogan is the motivating catchy phrase that encapsulates both the mission and theme.

Example: "Knowing Our Purpose, Discovering Our Place, Enjoying the Rewards."

Once these elements have been defined it's time to design the shirt.

Designing T-Shirt Logos
Most of us are not masters of brush and canvas. But that okay. Not everyone is a rocket scientist either. The fact is art is everywhere. In creation art is free for the taking. So take pictures and use it as a guide to design your logo. Take a look inside your photo editing application and you'll likely find free images ideal for logo design. 

If you have access to Fimark's Family Reunion Planner web application you have access to scores of family reunion logos ideal for your t-shirt design project.  If you're still looking for logos there are plenty to choose from at 

Once you've settled on the t-shirt logo design it's time to pull it all together adding the Title, logo and slogan on a colorful shirt of your choosing.  Use a quality t-shirt design web application like those found at Zazzle or Custom Ink.

Custom Ink

Once you choose a pre-designed family reunion t-shirt you can select the color, fabric and shirt style according to size, age or gender. Edit it adding the Title and them and create a link to your design. Families can view the design and purchase shirts from their own device. No need to collect orders! 

Take into account t-shirt design app services that Free Shipping No Minimums and bulk order discounts. Prices as low as $12.00 a shirt. 

Taking T-shirt Orders 
There are three ways to do this. Collect orders from family members. Contact households that have registered but have not submitted all the information you need regarding t-shirt sizes and quantity. Remind family members that they may wish to order a few extra in case of accidental spills, tears,soiling or as a memento

Organizing T-shirt Orders

The Family Reunion Planner including the Attendee Registration Roster 

The Family Reunion Attendee Registration Roster is an Excel and Open Office compatible spreadsheet for entering t-shirt order information such as orders by household, family member, t-shirt size, cost and payment status. In addition, use the spreadsheet database as contact  record. Easily enter survey data and create preference ranking reports. Transform surveys into charts for committee meetings and newsletters. Also enter committee members and departmental assignments. Using Google Docs the  Attendee Registration Roster can be edited in real time from most devices.

Features include: Household Count, Household Names, Age, Relation,
Home Address, Phone Numbers
(Home/Cell), Email, Attending - Yes/No, Dues
Paid, Balance, Number of T-shirts Ordered, Special Needs
(Disabilities, Allergies, etc.), Survey Entry,
Committee Member, Assignments and more.

Get the Family Reunion Attendee Registration Roster in Fimark's Family Reunion
Planner. For more information go to...

Happy Family Reunion Planning

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