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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 Fun Snow Games You Just Gotta Try

Brenda called her family who live in New York. They were pummeled with several inches of snow. We are happy to report all is well. Our prayers are on behalf of all you east coasters. Keep warm. Stay dry. And to all the kids and young at heart out there... Put on your coats, hats and mittens cause it's snow playing time! 

So what to do with all that snow? Most winter Olympic activities require lot's of snow. Here are 7 great Olympic snow games for hours and hours of fun.  Want to make the most of it. Capture the day on Video and play it that evening or the next snowbound evening. You'll probably laugh so hard you'll side will hurt.

7 Fun Snow Games You Just Gotta Try
  1. Make sleds from household items like stuffed heavy duty leaf and lawn bags, cardboard boxes, storage container lids  and have a snow sled race.
  2. Make 30 snow balls and have a snow ball toss contest. Form two teams. Each team tries to toss the snow ball in the teams designated container. The team with the most snow balls in their container wins.
  3. Build a course of hurdles and have a relay and hurdle jump contest.
  4. Have two teams each trying to build the bigger snowball.
  5. Build a snow man. Form two teams each with it's own hat. take turns trying to toss the hat on top of the snowman.
  6. Using one snowball, play snow ball tag. Toss the ball to a team player to tag the other team member. Try to intercept the tossed snow ball and tag the opposing team player.
  7. Snow sculpt a work of art.

These games are not just for kids but for kids at heart. Join your kids in all that snow and make it a day they will never forget. Next stop, some hot cocoa, fudge brownies or hot baked pie. Yummm! Get even more great home recipe ideas for the snowbound at

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