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Mark Angelo Askew is the author of "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake" and the founder and director of the Family Reunion Planning Group that established November as Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Monday, January 31, 2011

TIPS: Best Out-Of-Season Buys

I hate to buy in-season products simply because you pay more. A lot more. But I love saving up to 50% or more on out-of-season bargains. That said consider the following money saving tips for family reunion planners.

TIPS: This is a good time to consider a family reunion cruise. Discounts abound during the winter for summer or fall cruise packages. You can save up to 75% or more booking right now.

TIPS: This is a great time to find gifts in the form of engraved plaques, trophy awards, cups and glasses as well as accessories for family reunion guests of honor.

MORE TIPS: Nows the time to find mark-downs on tablecloths and party ware,
wrapping paper, string lights, shimmer, glimmer and glow decoration items
perfect for the dinner program. Go to the Family Reunion Planner Store at

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Preserving Memories With Old Greeting Cards

Making, preserving, and perusing memories is what family is all
about. In addition to running the Family Reunion Planner resource and
website I also operate a greeting card website. One page is devoted
to the question "What to do with old greeting cards?" Here are 9
creative and fun ways to turn your old greeting cards into useful
tangible art form.

Scrapbook Art: Cut out parts of the greeting card face. Not also the hand written words on the inside cover to add that personal touch and meaning to your photo scrapbook.

Photo Frame/Matting: Cut out a rectangle in center of greeting card
to fit photos. Tape photo inside frame/matting.

Frame Art: Buy small cute frames that feature designs and colors
that match the art and theme of a card you love. Matted frames work
well too. You preserve the card and it's meaning.

Baby Room Mobile: Using baby shower greeting cards cut cards to a smaller size and tie to mobile frame. Hang from ceiling. Cut out
alphabets spelling the child's name or initials. Cut out animal, toy
and solar system shapes. Hang from mobile frame.

DVD Cover Insert:
Use a card that has special meaning to you. Cut front face of card to fit DVD cover. Ad text to Card and insert card
in DVD cover sleeve. Perfect for family reunion, wedding and annivesary events.

For more ideas visit Fimark Home Onlines Greeting Card Crafts page.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Traditional Family Reunion Planner

What a great family reunion theme idea. The traditional family reunion. Every family should have one at least every five or ten years. Plan a one day outdoor event or a long weekend. Visit the homestead. Organize an at home dinner or picnic in the park complete with games and memorable activities. I like. See the details at

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shout Out To Markham IL

Congrats to Lavonne Walker of Markham IL. We hope you have a wonderful and meaningful family reunion. Enjoy your new personal Family Reunion Planner Interface with worksheets, applications and printables.

Happy family reunion planning!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shout Out To Woodbury MN

Shout out to Beverly Long of Woodbury MN.
Congrats on your family reunion event. Enjoy Fimark's Family Reunion Planner and have a happy family reunion.

Mark & Brenda

Sunday, January 23, 2011

How To Organize Reunion T-shirt Orders

Do you find taking in t-shirt orders a bit stressful? Some do and some don't. Those that do have similar concerns. Here are a few. It seems half the family procrastinate while the others fail to pay the actual fees requested. Then the organizing and the delays sending back reprints. And let's not forget those kids who now want larger shirts because they grew overnight. Sound familiar?

So why do some have virtually no problem getting t-shirt orders in, delivered and dispersed with little stress if any? what's their secret?

1. Getting an early start and having a well communicated deadline.

2. For others the key is using a good t-shirt roster spreadsheet that helps you organize and keep up with outstanding payments. Like the one in the Fimark Family Reunion Planner.

3. The other secret is not taking in orders at all. Just create an account at an online t-shirt print shop and have each reunion attendee order their own t-shirt. All you have to do is give them the url.

4. An even better idea is using pre-designed reunion t-shirts. Just give each member the url via email, facebook or twitter. Here is an example email reminder:

"Hello family! It's time to order our family reunion t-shirts. Deadline for
orders getting in your order is now. So order them while your reading this
reminder. Don't put it off. Dads ask moms for the kids t-shirt sizes. Go on, call her now while it's on your mind. Now go to and click on the reunion cruise t-shirt. Nice shirt huh? Select the gender/size and add it to your cart. Now go to the next size. Now you're cookin. You'll have this done in no time and on to other things."

So if your having a struggle getting the tees ordered, keep in mind there are 3 great alternatives to reduce stress and get the job done.

5 new family reunion t-shirt designs themes at...

Happy family reunion planning!

Finding Inspiring Family Reunion Poems

Family reunion planners are scouring the Internet looking for poems of
inspiration that speak of their precious union. Finding just the right sentiment is not an easy task. For that reason here an excerpt from one of 9 beautiful poems that inspire, motivate and teach important life lessons.

Finding Our Way Back Home
"Somehow by grace and providence
we've arrived to fall upon the bosom of all our family.
To kiss warm faces and wipe the tears
of joy from cheeks cracked and dimpled by time.
We found our way back home.
Yes, we found our way back home.

By some miracle we all stand and look around and are
reminded that ours is a union resilient and empowered
by years of congealed tears of joy, love and sorrow.
Braced by our own blood, comforted by our own songs we labor to find our way homeWe found our way back home..."

Download here...

Read "This You Gave Me", "As You Grow" and others. Access the entire poem collection and print poetic art from your Family Reunion Planning Center in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner 3.0. Did You Know? All printables including family reunion poems, family reunion booklet, and family reunion t-shirt logos are accessed free upon purchasing the Family Reunion Planner.

Download Here Family Reunion Planning!

Mark & Brenda

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Free Gifts

Create and Register Your Free Family Reunion Website while offer lasts.
Take event fee orders online and start reserving funds for the next family
event. Includes RSVP, Surveys, Photos, Family Tree, Family Trivia and more... Go

Send gifts for free via email.


Free Stuff

Did you know that when you purchase a Fimark Home Online product you're
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banners,poems, clipart and tshirt logos at

Just take 30 seconds to rank/review us and get free printables for doing so.Just click on the link in the reciept in your email inbox or go to find your purchase statement and rank us there.

Once you rank us you're entitled to free special occasion printables
foundanywhere on the Fimark Home Online site. You'll find free winter wonderland greeting cards to download and print now. Also find wedding, babyshower and graduation greeting card printables. Download and print free graduation banners and invitations, sports party flyers, reunion and genealogy worksheets.

Rank us at, choose any printable at - request your free printables at

Mark & Brenda

Shout Out To Michigan

Hello Family Reunion Planners in Detriot Michigan.
Congrats on your July 2011 Family Reunion.
Happy Reunion Planning to you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Acknowledgements and Shout Outs!

Thanks Zazzle for featuring our Family Reunion Cruise theme shirts + caps

Don’t forget when ordering shirts from our Zazzle print shop family reunion members can order their own and add their Surname to the front or back of the shirt. Go here*/ to get started

You’re welcome Meka! And congratulations on your family reunion cruise vacation!

Here’s a Shout Out to reunion planners in…

South Carolina!

Happy reunion planning and enjoy the new year!

New Family Reunion Planner Features

It goes without saying, getting some of these projects accomplished will only do you good. Take a look at your calendar and make definite plans to see them thru.

There's nothing better that seeing good for all your hard work. Yet nothing is more frustrating that being brought to a complete stand still simply because you don't have the resource of guidance to complete the task.
Well we've been considering how we can make your time more productive by putting helpful features at your fingertips.

We're pleased to announce that Fimark's Family Reunion Planner 3.0 has two new features to greatly improve your planning productivity.

1. A new Help application that guides you through the reunion planner application.

2. A Family Reunion Store Panel featuring reunion project materials, supplies, decor, favors, gifts and more.

If you haven't accessed your personal online Family Reunion Planner now is the time to check out the new features.
Don't have access to Fimark's Family Reunion Planner 3.0? Get access now at

Incoming Year 2011

Seems like 2001 was just yesterday and yet here we are in 2011.
As the song goes "Time keeps on slipping into the future." What will you do to make this a memorable year? While many warm moments in time are the result of unforeseen occurrences and chance we have to admit the majority of ones that matter most are those that are well planned and much anticipated.

No doubt you've made a resolution to complete a family reunion project before the spring. But it is likely that like me you're now busier than ever.

While life has a way of making demands on your time it's important to take time to yourself, immerse yourself in your own personal projects and enjoy the good results of your labor.

That said, let's look over a list of some of the things our family reunion planners are determined to accomplish.

1. Highlight the last family reunion event in a newsletter
2. Finish a family quilt project
3. Appraise a family heirloom
4. Complete a family reunion keepsake booklet
5. Interview family elders
6. Discuss a family reunion cruise
7. Find family reunion t-shirt designs
8. Build a family website
9. Finalize reunion travel plans
10. Plan summer vacation
11. Knit a sweater or blanket for baby
12. Take supportive auntie and cousins to a Spa

Now that sounds like fun doesn't?
Gotta download a template?