Tuesday, April 17, 2018

5 Reunion Fundraising Ideas

So your family reunion event is a few months away and your reunion money box shrinking. The trick to growing your funds is to use those few dollars to make more funds  How? Two words. Yard sale. 

Yard Sale Ideas

Start at home. Collect items you may have stored away that are good as new and likely to stir the interest of friends, family and neighbors. Ask local family members to donate yard sale items - proceeds toward the family reunion.

Family Auction And Lease

Need more funds? Consider having a family auction. Most family members have something to donate to that other family members would like to own or lease. The beauty of a lease auction is that you can always get the item back after a few months of possession.

Online Fund Raiser

One of the most time-effcient and cost-effective ways to raise funds is to promote a fundraiser to all family members via your google+ or facebook page. You can do this easily using your FRP Social Interface. Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social features great fundraiser ideas which I will discuss later in this article.

Fund Raiser Web App

Another way to hold an online fundraiser is using a standalone application and pre-built webpage devoted to the fundraiser. The MyEvent folks have been online for over a decade and know how to prepare a fully functional fundraising web application for your next online fundraiser. Take a tour at Myevent.com

Rallying Support For The Fund Raising Event

Send out flyers, emails, text messages and invitations at least three weeks in advance that includes all items going up for sale. List items in categories to make desired items easy to find on your list. Have attendees share in organizing and managing some aspect of the event to ensure that they will be present to participate.

Remember, the objective of your fundraiser is to raise reunion funds, not to spend reunion funds. That said, make sure that all who attend bring a dish, drinks, and supplies to equalize the expense and prevent having to dip into the reunion account.

For more ideas to get your fundraiser off and running consult Fimark's award winning Family Reunion Planner Social web app. What, don't have FRP Social web app yet? 
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April Reunion Planning Reminders

Time waits for no one. Don't wait for time,
plan for its arrival.

Hello family reunion planners. Can you believe it? April is almost 1/3rd over. How far along are you with action items on your reunion planning checklist?

1. Have you completed your t-shirt orders? If your reunion is scheduled in July you'll want to have all the orders in by months end.

2. Begin printing flyers as post mail reminder of the upcoming event.

3. Now is a good time to start purchasing keepsake trinkets, and party favors.

4. Start working on your welcome letter to be issued at the event and placed in the keepsake family reunion memory booklet.

5. Will your program include skits and family talent entertainment? Now is the time to start scheduling practice sessions.

6. If you're planning recreational activities commence buying equipment and supplies.

7. Start making a reunion food checklist so you won't forget a thing. The following is a starter list. Add items as needed.

Reunion Food Checklist

__ Drinks
__ Water
__ Ice
__ Fruit
__ Cakes Cookies and Pies
__ Links, Burgers, (Other)
__ Buns, Bread, and Rolls
__ Salads (Leaf, Pasta, Fruit)
__ Leafy and Starchy Vegetables (Corn on a Cob, Fried Potatoes, etc.)
__ Dishes: Chili, Gumbo, jambalaya

__ Eco-friendly paper cups, plates and bowls (Stackable dishes make for easy packing)
__ Wrapped Cutlery Kit in White (Fork / Knife / Spoon / Napkin / Salt / Pepper) 
__ Serving utensils
__ Cutting knives
__ Spatulas
__ Cooking Forks
__ Cutting board
__ Corkscrew and bottle openers

Bring early bird items for those who often arrive before the event starting time.
Water, ice, charcoal, a salad, chips, sandwich and bun fixings, and condiments.

Get more checklists, essential planning tips and activity ideas from Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Keepsake and Guidebook. Use the keepsake section to start recording your family milestones, stories, history and family recipes. Start researching your family lineage using the genealogy forms and document family heirloom using the heirloom form. Begin a personal planning journal and keeping up with family reunion planning tasks with the step by step timeline checklist guide. Makes a great nightly read and is ideal for weekend family projects.

The keepsake reunion planning guidebook helps you organize a single family reunion event while maintaining a journal of the experience. There is also a follow-up notes section, event planning checklist, a step by step timeline planner and 4 separate theme planners. Along with each theme there are recommended games and activities. In addition, there is an itinerary template, survey letter and luncheon template as well as a dinner program.

Fimark's Family Reunion Planner is a book like no other. The original content of the family reunion planner has been used by thousands of reunion planners over the past 15 years. Over that time the compilation has been perfected and revised several times. Written with individual planners and reunion committees in mind, scores of community organizations and social groups have used it for their own event. The book is also having a special appeal to the travel and hospitality industry as a must have complimentary gift to assist guests in planning their most memorable family event. 

Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guidebook for your device is available for order online at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Download Family Reunion Planning Printable Worksheets and Templates

If you're like many of our family reunion planners, you like the option to print out event planning forms.  having paper copies are more easily accessible, ideal for distribution at event planning meetings and such and they can be notated highlighted and filed in your three-ring notebook.  

Looking for printouts to begin planning your family reunion? You'll find editable and printable reunion planning templates, forms, planning checklists and genealogy research documents for instant download and printout featured in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner web app.  

The worksheets are ideal for family reunion planning committees. Each sheet describes a committee department and provides instructions for fulfilling duties and tasks in each department. Get the following:
  1. Family Reunion Keepsake Booklet         
  2. Welcome Letter Template                       
  3. Family Reunion Survey                             
  4. Followup Letter Template                        
  5. Registration Form Template                    
  6. Itinerary Template                                    
  7. Dinner Program Template                        
  8. Reunion Newsletter Template                 
  9. Genealogy Worksheets Package            
  10. Spectacular Events Planner                    
  11. Six Themed Reunion Activity Worksheets.
  12. Stand Alone T-Shirt Roster  

The reunion planning web app also includes: 
Budget List  Expense Calculation, Timeline Planner, Committee Assignment Worksheets and Event Organizer as well as Contacts Data Organizer. 

Upon purchase, you receive the access link via email. Simply choose the "Workbook" option. This option contains a list of planning documents you can print out to begin planning, organizing and managing a most memorable reunion event.

Get family reunion planning documents for printout via Fimark's Family Reunion Planner web app at  http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net/index1.html

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Inspiring Quotes About Love and Happiness

One of the greatest mysteries of all time is defining true love and the key to happiness.  It has been said that to know them, respect them and nurture them is to possess the very essence of utopia and live life at its absolute best. 

Enjoy these words of wisdom on the subject of love and happiness
 by the "Happiness Is" author Mark Angelo Askew.

"While a minute few loath loudly,
the vast majority love quietly."

"A little sweetness is to a great recipe
what giving is to an extraordinary life."

"A bigger pot is not always better
when there are too many ladles inside."

"Loyalty and trust make 
your house a home."

"One kind word can alter the course of life 
in the right direction."

"When you give what is needed most,
love just happens."

Mark Angelo Askew is also the author of
 Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Web App

"We aspire to inspire"

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Life Is Short - Celebrate The Lives of Those True To You

In a world ravaged by fake news, scandals and epidemic disappointments, 
there are only five things you can really count on
 to lift your spirits and provide enjoyment in life.

1. A rock solid faith in ageless guiding principles.
2. The sources of those principles.
3. True love from family and true friends.
4. A vivid hope for better days to come.
5. The gift to express love and gratitude to those who have been true to you.

Life is short and there is no easy street. True friends and strong family ties are hard to come by.  It's important to do what we can to preserve those precious relationships we have. But preserving and surviving is not living. To live you must celebrate your bounty. That said, this year make it your aim to live in the moment by spending time planning creative ways to express your love for those who are special and true in your life.  How?

1. Get to know your family members and friends on a higher or deeper level. Spend more time listening and asking questions to get a clearer understanding of their hopes, dreams, principles, and interests.

2. Show them that you heard them. Show them that you were really listening by writing a brief letter expressing your appreciation for sharing.  Add it to a card and put a small token in the card that is reminiscent of the time you shared listening.

3. Followup by being more inclusive.  Include their thoughts, expressions, and interests in your everyday conversation and routine with them.

4. Share your hopes and dreams. Nothing says I love you more than fulfilling hopes and dreams shared over time together. And what better way to celebrate those hopes and dreams than at a family gathering, get-to-together or family reunion. It's a great time for creative expressions of endearment and affection, empowerment, gift giving, motivation and inspiration, creative poetry recital, family slideshows, achievement awards, lots of hugs and self-esteem building.

Looking For Creative Family Activity Ideas?
For inspiring family reunion planning, organizing and activity ideas visit our event app page

Monday, January 15, 2018

How To Fulfill Your 2018 Goals List

After a beautiful autumn in 2017, here we are in the middle of February 2018. 
This is the time of year I consider how close I've gotten to my goals and the productive
results of those I've reached. How did I do and what have I learned from the process?

I have managed to balance family, secular work, community volunteer service, and business. I must admit, 
much was accomplished this past year as the following reveals.
1. I wrote three books. 
2. Planned, organized and managed two social events. 
3. Engaged 5 entertainment gigs.
4. Hosted several dinners with extended family and friends.
5. Restructured my financial plan.
6. Acquired a beautiful Kia SUV. 
7. Sold my old faithful silver sedan.
8. Made many new true friends.
9. Got even closer to my wife.
10. Learned new things about myself, my family and ancestry.

I must admit, though, there were a number of items on my goals list I would have loved to have fulfilled in 2017, but there are only
12 months in a year. So what outstanding goals are on my list? 

1. Plan an outdoor BBQ style family reunion this summer.
2. Put on a bubble show at my relative's kids graduation party
3. Throw a family reunion talent show
4. Enjoy a black tie 39th wedding anniversary party
5. Write a children's book in rhyme with illustrations and audio.

I'm happy to say I'm making wonderful memories while planning each event.


What are your New Years resolutions? How close are you to meeting your goal? Here's are some tips that help make your resolutions a reality.

1. Don't pretend to be or have what you want in life. Experience life at it's best, in the raw. Be what you are while learning to be your best self.

2.  Give yourself permission to be truly happy and content with who you are, what you have, and those you have to share it with. 

2. Discover who and what you really are. That means looking past the mistakes, looking over the slip-ups, looking beyond the impositions of history, and accepting that there are things you have no control over. Focus on discovering your gifts, see your potential and hone your empowering traits and endearing qualities.

3. Focus on living in the moment while planning for the future. 

4. Plan the big stuff. Enjoy the little things. Let the rest of life play out. Don't overthink it.

5. Life is short, so keep your camera on. You never know when a priceless picture of your life happen and then quickly pass by.

6. You cannot do it all on your own. Sincere prayer for wisdom, insight, discernment, and guidance helps profoundly.

Brenda and I wrote the book on family reunion planning. This event planning journal, recipe compiler, with genealogy research forms, makes a great keepsake to pass on to the next generation. Get your copy of The Family Reunion Planner Guide and Keepsake at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net and start creating memories, drinking up life and living in the moment.

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Happy Reunion Planning Everyone!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Throwback Family Reunion Song List

Need help putting together a family reunion song list? We got your back. Take a listen to these reunion tunes and enjoy basking in the nostalgic memories.

Throwback Family Reunion Song List 

Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross
Happy People - R. Kelly
Inseparable - Natalie Cole
Ordinary People - John Legend
A Song For Mama - Boyz II Men
Dreams - The Cranberries
Gilead Lake Family Reunion - Randy Albright
Dance With My Father - Celine Dion
Family Reunion - Jill Scott
Family Affair - Sly & The Family Stone
All You Need Is Love - Paulist Choristers Of California
Remember - Harry Nilsson
A Change Is Gonna Come - Seal
Family Reunion Song - Bigg Robb
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday - Boyz II Men
My Hometown - Bruce Springsteen
My Mother's Eyes - Bette Midler
End Of The Road - Boyz II Men
I'm Coming Home - Lionel Richie
Cupid Shuffle - Cupid

Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
Family Reunion - The O'Jays
People Get Ready - Seal
This Could Be Heaven - Seal
Here, There And Everywhere - Mikal Blue
A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix) - Celine Dion
Home - Diana Ross Celebration - Kool & The Gang
Everybody Knows - John Legend
To Sir, With Love - Lulu
Coming Home - John Legend
Stand By Me - Seal
Casper Cha-Cha Slide - Casper
I'll Be - Will Downing
If You're Out There - John Legend
I'll Be - Reba McEntire
We Are Family - Sister Sledge
Family First - Cissy Houston & Dionne Warwick and F…
Our Love - Natalie Cole
What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong's Orchestra And Chorus

Keep Your Head Up - Chaka Khan
Electric Slide - Shannon
I Wish You Love (LP Version) - Natalie Cole
Wanting Memories - Sweet Honey In The Rock
I Remember I Believe - Sweet Honey In The Rock
You For Me (The Wedding Song) - Johnny Gill
Shine - Martina McBride
Family Reunion - George Benson
Happy and You Know It - Vicki Winans

Kirk Franklin's - I Need You To Survive
Family - Dolly Parton
Everyday (Family Reunion) - Chaka Khan
Those Were the Days - Dolly Parton
Summertime Thing - Chuck Prophet
Grandpa, Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ole Days - the Judds
My Father's Eyes - Eric Clapton
See What Love Can Do - Eric Clapton
Living Years - Mike and the Mechanics
Teach Your Children - CSN
Mama - Soulfood Soundtrack
I'll Always Love My Mama - the Intruders
Mom - Earth, Wind & Fire
Grandmas Hands - Bill Withers of Gladys Knight And The Pips
Summertime -Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
Mississippi Slide - Southern Soul (Blues)
Get Here If You Can - Oleta Adams
Better Days - Diane Reeves
Reunited - Peaches and Herb
Precious Things - Jonathan Butler
Peace - Michael McDonald

Get the family reunion music checklist form along with great ideas for family entertainment in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Keepsake at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net. Order a keepsake print copy below.