Monday, September 11, 2017

Bubble Show At The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore

Meet the family reunion planning blog team and authors of Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guidebook and web app, as well as 'the Art of Bubble Blowing', as they throw a fun filled bubble show performance at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore September 3rd, 2017.

That's me, Mark Angelo, performing with several of our handcrafted jumbo sized bubble wands and Brenda Marie with the long blue ring wand. Another event we will never forget!

Planning a family reunion in Maryland? have lots of kids and young families attending? Think bubbles! Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show. Visit us at

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How To Write a Family Reunion Newsletter

How To Write a Family Reunion Newsletter
How To Write a Family Reunion Newsletter
Late summer and early fall is the ideal time to focus on crafting home decor, framing photos, restoring family memorabilia, heirlooms, and keepsakes as well as preparing family gifts. It's also the perfect time to prepare your Family Reunion Newsletter!

The question is 'how to write a family reunion newsletter. Let's talk about content.
Thank all for a fun and enjoyable time at the last reunion event. Highlight some of the memorable moments, words of wisdom and important lessons learned. 

Shout Out of Support
Give a shout out to family members who look out for each other during tough times. Commend those who are doing just that. Include poems, excerpts from event speeches and songs.

Get Creative
Add photos, programs, keepsakes, attendee statements, paraphernalia and notes of personal observations, genealogy facts, and interesting family trivia.

Show Off
Thank all those who assisted in planning, preparation, and management. Include photos of activities, genealogy display, banquet spread, babies, elders and outdoor activities and games. Display a picture of the family quilt. Close with a word from the committee chairperson.

Get newsletter templates, tips and more using Fimark's Family Reunion Planner. Download worksheets and colorful event printables including poems, flyers, invitations, keepsake booklet and more. Plan a theme complete with activities, itinerary and dinner program. The planner includes a template for your family reunion newsletter in the Documents section. Access your copy of the reunion planner web app at

Happy Family Reunion Planning!
Mark and Brenda

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Planning Your First Family Reunion

Learning about your families history can be both entertaining and intriguing especially when researching with an open mind. Many authors and playwrights base the character development of best selling stories on family members. Often one's best friend proves to be an aunt, cousin or relative twice removed, discovered only after connecting the branches of the proverbial family tree.

What better way to introduce new links to the branch, along with new insights than at the next upcoming family reunion. What? No family reunion has been planned? Why not start planning right now. All that is needed is the right tools and a little motivation.

Plan a meaningful, memorable, inspiring and fun event. How can you accomplish this with minimal difficulty? Family reunion planning web apps are designed to guide you through the maze of event planning with ease.

Yes, there are only a few family reunion apps on the market, but it's amazing what such an app can accomplish. With the right reunion planning app you'll get your event planned in no time. Imagine having it all planned in a matter of days, organized in a few weeks, funded in a month or two and managed from the welcoming meet and greet right down to the fond farewell.

Fimark's family reunion planning book and spreadsheet will help you plan the entire occasion in no time at all.  

Monday, July 31, 2017

How To Start Planning A Family Reunion

One of the most challenging feats of planning a family reunion is getting it all organized. It's one thing to say what you want to do. It's quite another to make that reality. But following this these simple steps can make all the difference.

1. Form a family reunion committee.
2. Include family members who are great motivators, leaders and hard workers.
3. Next brain storm your family reunion theme, slogan and associated activities.
4. Next delegate members of the committee to man departments typical of a big event. This may include your welcome department, food and drink department, entertainment department, genealogy research, and presentation, etc...
5. Meet periodically to update the group on the progress being made.

How do you rally the family and get everyone excited and involved?

How do you make cost saving decisions?

How do you raise funds for the event?

What are some popular reunion games and activities everyone is sure to enjoy?

How do you plan a dignified reception dinner program that honors the elders and empowers the family?

For more help getting organized use the ever popular family reunion planner and keepsake guidebook at that will help you get your most memorable reunion event up and running in no time. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Becoming A Family History Digger Part 1

Say what? Our mind, body, and spirit have ways of communicating with us that is not explained in main stream media or secular education books. Have you ever had an urge to eat something that does not normally appear on your weekly menu of preferred food items? Your body is likely telling you that you need to supplement your diet with a nutrient supplement vital to your continued good health.

Have you ever had a desire to travel to a certain city, state, country or island? The past may be calling out to you in ways you do not understand. After doing so many travelers found out they have genetic connections to the aboriginal inhabitants of the land.

Have you ever opened a box found in the attic, basement or garage and just started pulling everything out until you found a precious family heirloom you forgot you had that suddenly unlocked memory long forgotten? Sometimes those memories have a way of putting you back on track and solidifying goals once defined and principles followed by your better self.

Do you like to find hidden gems of truth and put that knowledge to work to better yourself, and empower your family? Who doesn't? The past may be calling out to you in ways you do not understand. Perhaps to become the family historian. Are you a digger? Now is a time of great ancestral enlightenment. Many genealogists realize that secular history books are not telling their story accurately. Is it time to find out the truth about who you really are? The four part series "Becoming Family Reunion Historian" will delve into the fascinating pastime of discovering and recording family history while revealing the challenges, solutions, treasures, and joys of being a family history digger. Get your family genealogy research and presentation forms ready for the biggest find of your life.

Keepsake genealogy research and presentation forms can be found in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide and Keepsake book or ebook in PDF format and start digging up the treasures of the past. Go to and start digging.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Outdoor Family Reunion Event Ideas

There is nothing like the great outdoors. State parks, beaches, road trips to homesteads and tours. Good music, a breezy day and fun in the sun can set a restful and refreshing mood for a great reunion event.

Having an outdoor family reunion is probably the most economical approach for those entertaining large gatherings with many siblings. Why? Outdoor venues are 50-60% less expensive when compared to indoor venues such as a reception hall. Outdoor events are usually one-day events. 

Outdoor gatherings lend themselves to more creative activities. The sky's the limit when you consider all that you can do. Here are a few great ideas

1. TV Game Show Style Outdoor Games
2. Quilting Under The Wisdom Tree
3. 'Back In The Day' Family Interviews 
4. Family History Storytelling
5. Arts and Craft presentations
6. Genealogy Presentations
7. 'My Family's Got Talent' Show
8. Fantastic Bubble Show
9. Family Recipe BBQ Cook Off
10. Poetry Club

More more details consult the Book Fimark's Family Reunion Planner.

Fimark's Family Reunion Planner

Managing the kids is a whole lot easier.  Just direct them to the nearest baseball diamond, Playset or basketball hoop. Other great activities for kids include horseback riding and more. Best of all there's no indoor furniture or decor to break, mend and refurbish during and after the event.

The ideal season for an outdoor event is mid to late Spring when the weather is milder. Early Autumn can be ideal. But Summer is the time most often chosen for a family reunion. Why? The kids are off from school. It's the ideal vacation time and there are long weekends to take advantage of. 

Looking for inspiring themes, activities, and ideas to make your reunion something memorable? Get Fimark's Family Reunion Planner. It's everything you need to plan, organize and manage a fantastic reunion. 

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fun Reunion Freebies For Followers!

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Like getting freebies? Family reunion freebies? Who doesn't?
Join the family reunion planning group as a Facebook follower and we'll send you over 10 great family reunion freebies, you're bound to love.

Get on board and get that reunion party started.

Happy Family Reunion Planning!

- Mark and Brenda

and start planning your next family reunion the right way.

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